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VO Booth Besties Listen learn Connect. A place to get your Voiceover Questions answered

Whether you like Youtube, Podcasts, or live discussions about VoiceOver, the VO Booth Besties is the place to go!  With my friends Jen Greenfield and Jen Tophoney we created a resource filled with powerful information!  Check us out at​

Some of the most common questions

we get asked at VOBB are:

When am I ready for a Demo?

What demo producer should I use?

How do I vet the Demo Producer?

We interviewed more than 30 of them so you could learn and choose for yourself!

Visit our website for the comprehensive list!

Voiceover Resources

Keyword/Inspiration Words List

The idea for this list of words originally came from

Debra Sperling's Authenticity in Voiceover Masterclass.  

If you want to learn how to use better connect with your script authentically,

I highly recommend reaching out to

Debra Sperling

Voiceover Keywords
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