Who am I?
I’m a voice actor, true. It’s how the world defines my career.  

But first and foremost I am a mother.  

I have been married to my best friend for almost 20 years and together we have 5 amazing children.  My experiences as mother have allowed me to wear more hats than you can imagine. I’ve been everything from an exhausted mom shopping for diapers at 2am to an accountant making pennies stretch for a big family on a small salary, to a busy PTA president of a large school.

I’ve won awards for singing in front of hundreds of people, but find the most joy in my tiny audience of one as I sang my babies to sleep. Working with me means that you get extensive experience in audio engineering and production. But it also means you get my vast life experience, and love of life which is reflected in everything I record.

How did I get started in Voiceover?

I LOVE to read, however as a busy mom, I haven't had a lot of time for reading.  So I began to listen to audiobooks...all the time!  I would always think to myself, I could totally do this!  So one day I auditioned, on my i-phone- in my closet.  And I got the job! I was so excited.  Starting out I had absolutely no idea what I was doing, however I've always been an avid learner, so I got to work!  I bought my first mic with savings and spent hours learning to edit audio. That first book took me several months, several LONG months.  The next few books were weeks, and eventually I was confident in recording and editing.  But I learned something important.  I don't love to record audiobooks NEARLY as much as I enjoy listening to them.  I found I much preferred shorter projects where I could be out of the booth and back with my kids as quickly as possible.  So I sat down to another google search and discovered a totally new world.  Voiceover.  

What does my setup look like?

I now have a beautiful custom built broadcast quality home studio where I record, edit and produce my own audio.  I have 2 amazing microphones that I switch out depending on the work. I use a Nuemann TLM 103 Microphone now, which is a huge step from my first mic! My interface is a Presonus 68c and I use a MacBook Pro to record. 

What does this mean for you?

It means that we can team up to create amazing content!  You provide the words, and I bring them to life!  Contact me today for a complimentary 1 min audition of your script to give you an idea of what it could sound like!  Don’t have a script? Check out my professional demos, or samples of previous work!