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One Voice Awards Nominee 2022

What can

you expect


with me?

Aleesha Bake Female Voiceover Talent

Service with a
Quick and Easy
I can have
most projects 

back to you
24 hours
0r sooner!

 I'm always happy 
to do a

custom audition
so you or your
client can hear how

it sounds!

Studiobricks Booth

What are

my studio Capabilities?

Professionally treated
stand alone Studio
Studiobricks Booth
Sennheiser MKH 416
Source Connect
Gefell M-930ts
Adobe Audition
Macbook Pro

What kind of experience

do I have?

A picture of Aleesha's Studiobricks Stuio

I can offer

years of experience

working in :


  • Commercial

  • Corporate

  • Medical

  • Technical

  • Explainer

  • Phone Systems

  • Narration

  • Sleep stories

  • Childrens Audio

Represented by
Wehmann Voice Talent 

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What Happy Clients are saying!

I had the pleasure of hiring and directing Aleesha on a fun video series, with adjacent radio spots. We needed someone who could go from "slightly deadpan" to "charmingly quirky" and "not announcer-y." She provided the range we asked of her during the session and she didn't hesitate to provide a few more pickups when we asked for them at the 11th hour.

She is a true professional

and I would definitely hire her again.

- Tracy Mathews - APCO Worldwide

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